Java Offshore, together with Fugro, Braemar and RPS, jointly organised the first Shallow Gas Forum (i.e., SGF 2019: Shallow Gas, A Manageable Risk?) in Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 15th April 2019. Over 150 participants representative of various sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry, from Operators, Drilling Contractors, Survey Companies, Marine Warranty Surveyors, 3rd Party Assurances, Authorities as well as Academics, attended the event. There were six presentations, including two keynote speakers, followed by a panel discussion toward the end of the day.

Shallow Gas is one of the more common geo-hazards that are not fully understood and taken seriously in the Oil and Gas Industry, mainly due to the lack of reports and guidance regarding the numerous incidents involving blowouts related to shallow gas. To battle this, the Shallow Gas Forum is deemed necessary with the main objective to raise awareness and understanding of the shallow gas and its risks within the industry.

The event was also a tribute of remembrance of the one year MV Geos 17th April 2018 InMVcident. This blowout-induced fire incident happened during a pilot hole drilling when the drilling bit hit an unidentified highly pressured shallow gas pocket, resulting in the release of rapid gas to the seabed and subsequently the mid area of the vessel. A blackout then occurred and was followed by a fire. Approximately three (3) explosions were heard within ten minutes after the first gas kick occurred.

And now, we are moving forward, learning from the incident, and hoping we can avoid any future incidents from occurring as much as possible. Today more than ever, the oil and gas fields are increasingly prone to shallow gas hazards. Not only due to inherent geological conditions but also due to oil and gas exploration activities, as we have observed gas in shallow depths in recent survey campaigns that were not there 5-10 years ago.

The forum served as a platform for oil and gas industry stockholders to be involved in constructive dialogue, engagement, argument, to determine a way forward on how the industry approaches the sites with shallow gas risks. In the forum, the speakers and participants also shared the current practices, as well as the lesson learnt from the MV Geos Incident, towards establishing the best working method when facing a potential shallow-gas risk.

The oil and gas industry is picking up, with the jobs becoming increasingly intense. Hence, we want to provide a safe and sound working environment to all our good people, best people, so all of them can come home safely to their family after each of their offshore assignment.




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