Join our Java Offshore Group

Java Offshore is on the lookout for highly skilled and innovative team players eager to share our vision in becoming the Offshore Contractor of Choice. To strengthen our growing team, we are looking for motivated individuals that come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, united by their desire to challenge and be challenged.

We are committed to providing a dynamic work environment where we encourage equal opportunities for learning and personal development. We produce our best work when our ambitions and values align. Our people work with integrity and respect, delivering excellence and quality.

Every career is a journey. Join us and you will be given the freedom to develop new skills and push boundaries. At Java Offshore, we prioritise the health, safety, and welfare of all our employees because we recognise that ultimately, we owe our success to our talented team.

If you’d like to embark on a rewarding career, look out for our available opportunities. Alternatively, send your resume to and you will be considered for future positions.

If You’ve Got The Drive And Ability, You’ll Be Given Every Opportunity