We offer a comprehensive package of expertise and technology to evaluate your potential subsea communication cable routes. Our personnel are armed with offshore and nearshore expertise and our vessels are equipped with specialised acoustic and seabed sampling instrumentation to conduct geophysical geotechnical surveys at any point between your landing sites. For nearshore jobs, we provide burial assessment surveys and cable-route surveys for short distance coastal festoon systems. We also perform surveying services from landfall to any desired ocean depth for your long distance repeatered inter-continental systems.

The growing demand for content-rich services has resulted in a substantial expansion of undersea cable systems as they are the most cost-efficient and reliable way of delivering high-speed communication services. These continuously evolving web of cables provide the backbone of data centres powering our world-wide web. Currently, undersea fibre optic cables transmit 99% of international communications and data, connecting most of the world’s people, businesses and institutions.

As economies become more reliant on near-instantaneous communication, protecting this critical piece of infrastructure becomes a national priority. Installing cables at the bottom of the ocean can be a complex and capital-intensive procedure. The cables are laid flat to avoid coral reefs, fish beds, and other obstructions such as deep trenches and undersea mountains. Our team of experts provide an accurate evaluation of the hydrographic and geophysical data to support the planning and installation of the vast network of subsea cables – helping you achieve economic and operational success.

Advancing With Society To Support Data-intensive Networks

Our Services

Pre & Post Lay Surveys

We offer precise seabed mapping of your desired region to determine a safe cabling route. We enable controlled installation operations to minimise foreseeable mishaps and extra costs. Apart from pre-installation surveys, Java Offshore offers post-lay monitoring to verify that subsea cables are precisely positioned without entanglement and harm to the environment. Our vessels are equipped with swathe bathymetry, digital side-scan sonar, multi-beam echo sounder, sub-bottom profiling and magnetometers to deliver accurate site investigation and quality data collection.