Java Offshore provides field life cycle survey services to support development of your offshore projects. We offer geophysical and hydrography surveys to gather seabed and sub-seabed data for navigational, design and engineering purposes. We have performed over 1500 rig and platform site surveys, as well as conducted approximately 2500km of pipeline and cable route surveys. Our detailed assessments map the geo-hazards to mitigate associated risk and optimise the design of your offshore structures.

Our vessels can be mobilised from the shallow continental shelf to deep ocean waters reaching depths of 1000m. Our dedicated survey vessels, Java Imperia and Java Insignia, are permanently fitted with analogue and digital systems to acquire a range of complimentary data sets using multiple acoustic sensors in a single pass. We operate a nearshore vessel, Java Ilena, fitted with analogue sensors to perform surveys between 2-20m water depth.

The collected geophysical and hydrography data reveal precise information about the sites’ bathymetry and seabed morphology, including accurate water depths, and identifying seabed features and hazards up to 1000m two-way travel time (TWT). Our vessels are equipped with on-board processing facilities allowing for seamless integration of the data sets which can be processed and interpreted offshore. The resulting charted data may provide answers to your concerns during:

  • Rig entry and emplacement
  • Drilling operations
  • Platform installation
  • Rig re-entry surveys
  • Wind farm foundations
  • Pre-lay and post-lay pipeline/cable pre-engineering
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) identification
  • Seabed morphology and navigation access

Java Offshore has built a reputation for efficiently operating its survey vessels and equipment which deliver exceptional results in within the expected turn-around time. Our comprehensive range of seabed charting services provide a clear overview of the site to help clients make critical decisions necessary to stay on schedule, enhance their project safety, and design the most cost-effective marine operations.

Integrated Survey Solutions For Your Complex Problems