We have dedicated and experienced survey teams ready to be deployed into the field at short notice. We offer a full range of survey services including setting up bench mark and construction control points, topographic mapping, cadastral survey services and mapping land parcel boundaries as required by local authorities, land administration, land conveyance and land registration systems.

We provide a range of onshore geophysical survey services, such as:

  • Electric Resistivity surveys – to detect and map sub-surface geological structures
  • Seismic Refraction surveys – to map depth of ground water, bedrock and thickness of landslides
  • Electro Magnetic surveys to map geological structures
  • Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) – to locate and map sub-surface infrastructures such as buried pipeline and sink hole

Our geophysical surveys provide crucial data to characterise the ground conditions of your target site. Determining the ground risks associated with your planned developments allows better mitigation of foreseeable risks. Ultimately, our services add value to your projects as they help save both the life cycle schedule and cost.

Greater Understanding Reduces Your Project Risk