PT Offshore Works, a Java Offshore Company recently organised mangrove restoration event at Ekowisata Mangrove PIK, Jakarta as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program on Sunday 3rd November 2019. Java Offshore collaborated with the company Kemangteer Jakarta in an effort to help conserve the mangrove forest.

During the half day event, participants were taken on a guided tour of the mangrove forest by experienced facilitators from Kemangteer Jakarta. While exploring the forest, everyone learnt about mangroves and their importance in the ecosystem for the future mankind.

A total of 40 participants including Java Offshore staff, clients and the locals from around the Ekowisata Mangrove area got a chance to help plant 150 mangroves samplings.

Java Offshore’s Vice President Dr. Denny Tamy said, “The program was a success as everyone took part in helping to preserve our nature. It is great to see volunteers here who consist of locals contribute their time and effort to help preserve our natural heritage without expecting monetary returns. We hope to organize a similar initiative in the future.”

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