New Milestone for Java Offshore as it makes headway in Philippines market


Java Offshore Company, was awarded a full scale Geophysical and Geotechnical Campaign in Philippines through a contract with one of the biggest Engineering Firm in the world. This entry marks a new beginning of Java Offshore into a new environment, the eastern part of Southeast Asia!


The Campaign will be completed in three phases, comprising of an end-to-end nearshore and offshore geophysical survey and alignment survey. The last phase consists of offshore geotechnical survey by collecting samples and in-situ tests to help accurately quantify ground conditions of the project location. To successfully complete this extensive scope of work, our Java Offshore team will have to navigate a challenging route, go through unpredictable weather whilst deploying multiple survey work and geotechnical platforms due to the shallow water depths.


Phase 1 of the Campaign has successfully completed with our vessel, Java Irdina leading the geophysical survey. Java Offshore is currently in phase 2 operation. To accommodate a shallow water depth of 3-10 meters, a small survey vessel called Isla will be used to perform the nearshore area.


Here are some of the photos collected during the offshore team job completion and handover works to the nearshore team.


From all of us in Java Offshore, we wish the crew and project team all the best in completing all three phases safely and successfully!


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